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How Do I Join The Band?

Joining the San Angelo Community Band couldn't be easier:  Just get your horn and come on down!!

Since the band's inception in 1987, we have offered an outlet for amateur (and some professional) musicians to maintain proficiency in their skills. For some of us, it's an opportunity to become reacquainted with our instruments and re-establish skills learned long ago.

As an all-volunteer organization we do not get paid; we just have fun.

To become a member of the band, you only have to come to the regularly scheduled rehearsals. There are no auditions or 'try outs', each person simply plays the parts with which he or she is comfortable. The main objective is to enjoy what you are doing and to have fun with the group.


For more information, please contact:

Clarinets and Flutes:

Al Owen, 651-7141 azowen@earthlink.net




Kristin Ellis, 340-0702 Kristin.Ellis@saisd.org

French Horns:

Doug Smith, 949-8333 dws218.1@juno.com


Jim Nevins, 949-7265 jrnevins@suddenlink.net


Keith Little, 944-8127


Eric Hansen, 374-4760 mr4x4@wcc.net


Jack Pool, 949-8499 ejackpool@yahoo.com


Rehearsals are normally scheduled every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm during the summer months and November. Our rehearsal location is in the Robert and Nona Carr Education - Fine Arts Building on the ASU Campus - located at the corner of Rosemont and Dena, just off of Avenue N.

Carr Education - Fine Arts Building
2602 Dena Drive
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX


We would like to thank Angelo State University for graciously providing rehearsal space for the band.


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